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Speedy Reader M70+ automated data entry device

Speedy Reader M70+ automated data entry device

The Speedy Reader M70+ is an ultimately economical automated data entry device. It provides the wide range of features (full page image acquisition, OCR and barcode reading within a fraction of a second, etc), it makes images in visible light only.

Technical specification of Speedy Reader M70+

Speedy Reader M70+
Size 275 x 205 x 100 mm
Window size 148 x 105 mm
Weight 2,0 kg
1024 x 768 pixels
Number of illuminations 1 (visible red light)
Image capturing and
image processing time
within 1 sec.
Colour depth 256 grayscale
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C
Operating humidity max. 70%
Programming languages C++, Visual Basic, Delphi
System requirements 500 MHZ CPU or higher, 128 MB RAM, CD ROM
Operation systems: Windows NT 4.0/XP
One free PCI slot
VGA at min. 1024x768, 8 Bit colour depth
Speedy Reader M70+ PCI interface card
Size 120 mm x 94 mm
Power intake 300 mA/12 V
Cable length max. 20 m
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Application areas

The Speedy Reader M70+ is designed for front office use, where huge amounts of documents with OCR code and/or bar code are processed (for example post offices or banks) and where the speed of the processing and the expansion of the efficiency are also essential requirements.

Fields of application without the demand of completeness are:
· Post offices
· Banks
· Insurance companies
· Phone companies
· Offices

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