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ARH document readers

PR Passport readers brochure ARH Passport readers brochure

Brochure of ARH document readers and ARH passport reading technology.

PRMc multireader series

PRMc multireader series flyer PRMc multireader series flyer

The new PRMc document scanners are a smart combination of traditional document scanning devices: fast, accurate and reliable machines that effectively help your daily business with performance and stylish look. You can read every, standard travel documents and ePassports with the new PRMc.

ARH Kiosk readers

ARH Kiosk readers flyer ARH Kiosk readers flyer

ARH Kiosk Readers provide optimal solution for scanning ID-1 and ID-2 size cards like national ID cards, driver�s licenses, health insurance cards, visitor badges, etc. therefore they are suitable for various applications.

MRZ Reader

MRZ Reader flyer MRZ Reader flyer

The MRZ Reader is a smart combination of an optical reader with a contactless reader (ISO 14443 A&B). The device takes high resolution (350+ DPI) images in visible(white) and IR illuminations. It is ideal for reading barcodes, identity cards or ePassport.

CARD Reader

CARD Reader flyer CARD Reader flyer

Card Reader is an optical reader design to use for ICAO standard ID-1 size cards. It is ideal for national ID cards, EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), driving licenses or other printed acces cards. It provides OCR and barcode reading features, captures images in visible white light and IR light.

PRM multireader

PRM multireader series flyer PRM multireader series flyer

Passport Reader Multireader - PRM is a full-page desktop document reader with integrated RFID reader, making him an ideal choice for the new generation ePassport handling. The device takes high resolution images of different types of personal documents using three illuminations.

CLR Passport Reader

>Passport Reader CLR flyer >Passport Reader CLR flyer

Passport Reader CLR Series is a full-page desktop document reader device family representing the best image quality.
- It can make extremely high resolution pictures
- 3 different illuminination available (normal, infra, uv)
- It is easy to integrate into any system

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