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Passport Reader CLR

Passport Reader CLR

Passport Reader CLR Series is a full-page desktop document reader device family representing the best image quality.
· It can make extremely high resolution pictures (2048x1536)
·3 different illuminitaion available (normal, infra, uv)
·It is easy to integrate into any system

The device takes high resolution (up to 3 MegaPixels) pictures of different types of personal documents (passport, identity card, etc.) using three important illuminations: white light, infra-red, ultra-violet A (UVA).

Passport Reader CLR device makes data entry, performs authenticity verification of the documents and transfers the data as an information package to the data processing information system in within seconds.

Passport Reader CLR is very easy to operate: no special training is required.

It is automatically reads the data from the document:
· it reads OCR lines (characters for optical recognition), barcodes and printed characters (figures, letters),
· it transforms these data into computer understandable format (ASCII).

CLR is a perfect tool for document verification. It verifies the documents semi-automatically:
· the device checks for specific hidden security items by default, and
· the user can check the authenticity of security elements by comparing the differently lit images.

Due to its exceptionally high resolution, even the smallest details of the security marks can be detected.

Technical specifications of CLR models

  CLR 111 CLR 121 CLR 223 CLR 233
Size (with top cover) 190 mm x 185 mm x 290 mm   (7.47" x 7.28" x 11.42")
Window size 130 mm x 98 mm   (5.12" x 3.86")
Window glass 4 mm glass
Weight 3.8 kg (8.37 lbs)
Illuminations White White, IR White, IR White, IR, UV
Image size H:1440, V:1088 H:2048, V:1536
Image resolution 250 DPI 380 DPI
Color depth 24 bits/pixels RGB
Image formats BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG
Infra red wavelength - 950 ± 25 nm
Ultra violet wavelength - 365 ± 5 nm
Processes · Image capturing
· Data reading (OCR, 1D & 2D barcode)
· Document verification
Processing time
(All captures and
recognition less than)
1.5 sec 2.0 sec 2.4 sec 3 sec
Operating temperature 10°C to 40°C
Operating humidity 0-95%
Endurance Long endurance
Case Material Metal
Supported OS Windows XP, Windows 2003
C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, VB.NET, C#, Java
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice


The main purpose of the Passport Reader CLR device is to process passports, travel documents, VISAs, ID cards and other personal documents. The main application - withouth the demand of completenness - are:
· Border Control and Immigration
· Automatic processing Passports, ID Cards and Visas
· Authentication of Passports, ID Cards and Visas
· Passport Tracking
· Retrieving Passenger Records
· Air transport and Airline Check-in
· Advanced Passenger Information Systems
· Automatic Access Control and Entrance Admission
· Identification Document Issuance / Verification
· Security Document Issuance / Verification

Thanks to its well thought-out design, its capability to capture an image of an entire document in different illuminations, and the provided high-end software technology, the Passport Reader CLR can be used in much wider scale:
· Automated Data Capture
· Automated Data Reading
· Automated Data Collection
· Automatic Document Processing
· Full Page Document Capture
· Bar Code (Barcode) Reading
· General Document Authentication Applications
· Banknote Verification
· Banknote Tracking
· Image Analysis and Image Processing
· Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
· Identification Document Issuance / Verification

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  • Benefits of
    ARH document readers
  • · Ultra high recognition accuracy
  • · Intelligent OCR processing
  • · Compliancy with standards
  • · Flexible opened interfaces
  • · Integrated security mechanisms
  • · Stable operation
  • · Robust design
  • · High durability
  • · Long lifecycle